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October 11, 2012


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:new: IMPORTANT: This blog is for Battle Tags Only
Hi Gals, to prevent this blog from getting too long to keep track of the comments, this blog will now be the Warchicks Battle Tags only. Please refer to the [Looking for More] Official Warchick Servers for news about our warchick servers, Nesingwary (US) and Dragonblight (EU) and [Looking for More] Warchick Server List to find out where the other warchicks play.

Alright gals, the Warchicks have been around for a whole year now! Since making Warchicks Alt Servers haven't been any real succes (but we are still keeping them ofcource!), we wish to make it possible for you gals to find each other via the Battle Tags. One of the great things about being in an all-girl community is making new friends, right? I'm sure there are some of you out there that have been hoping to find a questing partner, a gal much like yourself. You will be suprised how much you are able to do together using cross-realm! Here is another way we hope to introduce you to other Warchicks:

Since US servers and EU servers can not cross realm, the battle tags will be put in several lists. (Please tell us if you play on anything else than US or EU server). Be aware that russian, french, german, portugese, spanish, etc. servers are able to cross realm with each other and the EU servers.

This blog will be the headquarters for Warchick Cross-Realm Get-Togethers! Please check out the Battle Tag list below!

Be aware that this list is public! If you do not wish to write your RL name, that is okay and understandable!
When adding one of the girls to your friendslist, remember to check up with this list, to be sure that it is not a stalker! We do not wish for our girls to get into trouble because of this list!
Remember to write in the box, so the warchick you are sending your request too, know that you are a Warchick :)

Our Warchick Server List as of March 2011

If you would like your battle tag added to the list, please write a comment with this information:
DA name - Real name - Battle Tag - Server (Faction)
Ex. constantie - Denise - nilank#2290 - EU (A)

US Servers

LadyGhostDuchess Alyssa - arw#1468 - US (H/A)
MotherofDragons - Dentarg - Namson#1590 - US (H)
LaughterZombie - Laughter#1762 - ?
Stolen-Dreamer - Liz - GoldenStar#1424 - US (A)
Stormweaver-Arts - Kayla - KaylaS#1110 - US (H)
khaos-gurl - keamy#1654 - US (H)
Kynathel - Biyorne#1780 - US (H/A)
GalaxyGoddess - Galaxygodess#1548 - US (H/A)
MalisVitterfolk - Malis - Troll#1775 - US (H)
RuddersStudio - Jen Brooks / Rudder - Rudderness1415 - ?
Kanagosa - Jessica - Kanagosa#1596 - US
atomicalix - Adelphia#1988 - US (H)
Yunie-B - aldrian#1926 - US
thecreepingcow - Jessica - Creepingcow#1520 - US (A/H)
Shadowrose-13 - Heather - PinkNinja#1290 - (A)
Kurtssingh - Kurtssingh#1373 - US (H)
ChaosFay - Renee - NayNayKnots#1816 - US (A)
Jaydenwolf - Azzie#1751 - US
Shinyeeveegirl - ITamedLoque#1108 - US
unleashthegeek - Sumer - Vanykins#1142 - US (H)
Adorabelle20 - Natalie - Adorabelle#1441 - US (H/A)
mscherbear - Cheryll - CherBear#1104 - US (A/H)
EvaxSnake - Setobloodfan#1171 - (A/H)
Saphira001 - saphira#1340 -sargeras - US (A)
Drocellfan12 - Moon Guard - Cheeriio#1693 - US (H/A)
muppetgonewild - Jessica - Newodyssey#1721 - US (A)
elimsyxes - Butterbum#1903 - US (H/A)
EdwardxWinryrocks - Tenshi - Tenshi8196#1424 - US (A/H)
Aokori - Shannon - Raven#11903 - US (H)
TheDot16 - Kyrialle#1369 - US
Mochiccino - Tiffany - #Mochitora1833 - US (H)
iJessykins - Jessy - Novakins#1416 - US (H/A)
AriesMouse410 - Tarah - AriesMouse#1255 - US (H/A)
tigerrose - Kaitlin - TigerRose#1837 - US (H)
PKMN-AnimeChick - Casey - Marmena#1536 - US (A/H)
Xaneria - Holly - Bunny#1257 - US (H/A)
Omgdiamondelfy - Elfy#1160 - US (H)
Slytherin-Decepticon - Stephanie - Slythercon#1210 - US (A)
Rebellionwars - Aliens#1434 - US (H)
renyerokami - Jessica - Jess#1983 - US (H/A)
MacabreWeb - Destiny - Goblinqueen#1954 - US (H/A)
satiricalArts - satirical#1877 - US (H/A)
FantasyBri - Briluna#1824 - US (H/A)
Bhryn - Me - Bhryn#1850 - US Also got Diablo 3
KrisseyMage - Krisseymage#1618 - ?
aikiakane - Rinelen#1362 - US
sioranth - Sioranth#1760 - US (A/H)
CombatKitty - Chelly - Chelly#1212 - US (A)
RuddersStudio - Rudder - Rudderness#1415 - US (H/A)
FeatherhowlArt - Ashley - Asheydoo#1278 - US (H/A)
lio-ns - Ronnie#1120 US (H)
constantie - Denise - nilank#1774 - US (?)

EU Servers

constantie - Denise - nilank#2290 - EU (A/H) Also got Diablo 3, Starcraft 2 and Heartstone
Night-Shadey - Krieg - Krieglein#2468 - EU (A/H)
Silverr-x - Jess - Vekusen#2719 - EU (A/H)
BeckrrRAWR - Becky - Ragmuffin#2846 - EU (A)
IronMeow - Katrine - Katti#2139 - EU (A/H)
SoftlyVoiced - TJ -TJazzle#2763 - EU (H/A)
feedapollyon - Antileah#2100 - EU
Necr0w - Vassago#2717 - EU/GER
FadedLightning - Amy - Amy#2316 - EU (H/A)
Glacebon - Glacebon#2994 - EU (A)
FayeOlivia - Faye Olivia - FayeLav#2713 - EU (A/H)


See You Around!
Last edited: August 28 - 2013

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Sybil-chan Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014
Sybil-chan , Izzy , MysticSybil#1279 , US (both factions :3 )
Rebellionwars Featured By Owner Mar 29, 2014   General Artist
Aliens#1434 ALL WRA. But one nelf druid on Dal. US
renyerokami Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
Jessica - Jess#1983 - Americas - (H/a)
Rebellionwars Featured By Owner Mar 28, 2014   General Artist
I'll add my battletag as soon as I get home!
MacabreWeb Featured By Owner Mar 27, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
SoleilStarr - Goblinqueen#1954 - Destiny - Bleeding Hollow US (H/A)
thecreepingcow Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I need mine updated to Creepingcow#1520 instead of Karizata. Thanks. :)
satiricalArts Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
satirical#1877 c: I'm definitely more of a Horde but I love my draenei. I play on Moonguard but have been slipping to Wyrmrest Accord since my old guild is pretty much gone... I made my own guild on WRA I'm leveling. I mainly RP but I've been into PvP lately and dungeoning. Sometimes raids.
satiricalArts Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Student General Artist
whoops- I live in the US, my bad. Ohioooooooo
FadedLightning Featured By Owner Mar 26, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
FadedLightening - Amy - Amy#2316 - Argent Dawn EU (Hordie girl but looking for a good alliance server too)
(Yes, I am roleplayer but I also do a lot of PvE including questing, dungeons, dailies etc)
constantie Featured By Owner Apr 4, 2014  Student Interface Designer
I play alliance on Terokkar and Draenor :)
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