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February 27, 2011


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:new: IMPORTANT: This blog is for the Server-List Only
Hi Gals, to prevent this blog from getting too long to keep track of the comments, this blog will now be the Warchick Server List only. Please refer to the [Looking for More] Official Warchick Servers for news about our warchick servers, Nesingwary (US) and Dragonblight (EU).

Alright gals, the Warchicks have been around for a few months now, it's time to start moving things from DeviantART onto WoW itself! One of the great things about being in an all-girl community is making new friends, right? I'm sure there are some of you out there that have been hoping to find a questing partner, a gal much like yourself. Here are the ways we hope to introduce you to other Warchicks:

  1. We have compiled a Warchick Server List with data from our Warchick IDs to show which servers our warchicks are playing on. You will find this list below.

    The server list is a quick glimpse to show you if there are any other girls on your server, or where other girls are mostly playing. Maybe it will help you choose a new home for your toon, or just make some more friends! :date:
  2. Below Warchicks may post their own Warchick Guild Recruitment. If you are already part of an active guild on your main and would like to recruit some members from the warchicks, you can create a reply on this Blog with your invitation message.

    This blog will be the headquarters for Warchick Get-Togethers! Please check out the server list below!

Our Warchick Server List as of March 2011

The following server list was compiled from responses on the Warchick IDs. If you would like your name and server added, or if you need a correction, please leave a response or send a message to the group. If you find someone on your server, get together and take a screenshot! For the Warchicks!

US Servers

Aerie Peak (US)
:icontaiseiten: (A)

Agamaggan (US)
:iconseismica: (H)

Aszune (US)
:iconanga-chan: (A)

Area 52 (US)
:iconcnids: (H) :iconlio-ns: (H)

Argent Dawn (US)
:iconevaxsnake: (H/A)

Arthas (US)
:icont-raposo: (H)

Alextrasza (US)
:iconskullnuku: (A)

Blackwater Raiders (US)
:iconrenyerokami: (H)

Blackwing Lair (US)
:iconstarnob: (H)

Blade's Edge (US)
:iconkatsuomangaka: (A)

Bleeding Hallow (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (H) :iconfatkittycat: (H) :iconbhryn: (H)

Borean Tundra (US)
:iconpkmn-animechick: (A)

Bronzebeard (US)

Burning Blade (US)
:iconjigglypuffie: (H) :iconstolen-dreamer: (A) :icontamago-yaki: (H)

Burning Legion (US)
:iconshyrkakyuubipl: (A)

Cairne (US)
:iconatomicalix: (H)

Dalaran (US)
:icondeathtwilight: (H) :iconcheshirecatsmile37: (A)

Darkspear (US)
:iconbhryn: (H) :iconfatkittycat: (H) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H) :iconariesmouse410:

Dawnbringer (US)
:iconstolen-dreamer: (H)

Detheroc (US)
:iconsaltyokra: (H)

Draka (US)
:iconsilverslygirl: (A)

Drak'Tharon (US)
:iconvovina-de-micaloz: (H)

Duskwood (US)
:iconjesterdoll45: (A) :iconkynathel: (H)

Dragonblight (US)
:iconmasumi-sayo: (A) :iconforkysanime: (A) :iconchaosinvert: (H) :iconelimsyxes: (H/A)

Drakkari (US)
:iconshairnash: (H) :iconlometari: (H) :iconcaladril: (H)

Darrowmere (US)
:iconknight-of-god: (H)

Earthen Ring (US)
:iconcradleofdoom: (H) :iconrysicup: (H)

Echo Isles (US)
:iconglitch-of-perfection: (H)

Eitrigg (US)
:iconmammal33: (H)

Eldre'thalas (US)
:iconmarshmallowtoy: (A)

Elune (US)

Executus (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (H)

Farstriders (US)
:iconbluence: (A) :iconfantasybri: (A/H) :iconmscherbear: (A) :iconotherworldsart: (A)

Feathermoon (US)
:iconfusspot: (A)

Firetree (US)

Fizzcrank (US)
:icontheanimebabe: (H) :iconamywinterbreeze: (H) :iconsuvakastar: (A)

Frostmourne (US)
:iconfawnhart: (A)

Frostwolf (US)
:iconwetmyplants: (H/A)

Garrosh (US)

Galakarond (US)
:iconrenyerokami: (A)

Gorganash (US)
:iconlittlebitzer: (H)

Gurubashi (US)
:iconkaliko-rosa: (H) :iconstonewalker: (H)

Hellfire (US)
:iconxcitizenxerasedx: (H)

Hyjal (US)
:iconmistress--misa: (H) :iconatomicalix: (A)

Icecrown (US)
:iconlillyanna-windmane: (H)

Jaedenar (US)
:iconjiggajiggabambam: (A/H)

Kaelthas (US)
:iconstarnob: (A) :iconminortechnicality: (A/H)

Khaz'goroth (US)
:iconlilena: (A)

Kel'Thuzad (US)

Kirin Tor (US)
:iconsolameya: (A) :iconharbingerloki: (A/H) :iconcopperpumpkin: (A) :icongina-sadiren: (A)

Lightninghoof (US)

Madoran (US)
:iconmscherbear: (A)

Maelstrom (US)
:iconbr3nna: (?) :iconaokori: (H)

Maiev (US)

Malorne (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (A)

Misha (US)
:iconbhryn: (A)

Moon Guard (US)
:iconbhryn: (A) :iconsatiricalarts: (H/A) :iconalceria-nyx: (H/A) :iconpygmygoatofdoom: (H) :iconsleepwalks: (H) :iconaestiah: (H) :iconvalesse: (A) :iconavannteth: (A) :iconaishathewyvern: (H) :iconrashkah: (H) :iconyourou: (H/A) :iconpickwick: (A) :iconpoisonkandie: (A) :iconmoodypug: (H) :iconenalon: (H) :icontori-inazuma: (A) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H) :iconvovina-de-micaloz: (A/H) :iconkanagosa: (A/H) :iconcheshirecatsmile37: (H) :iconnatasherz: (H) :iconrennali: (A) :iconmscherbear: (H) :iconevaxsnake: (H/A) :iconfantasytwilight: (H/A) :iconaeizwyn: (?) :iconmaskurade: (H) :iconariesmouse410:

Nessingwary (US)
WARCHICKS ALT GUILD (H) (see other journal entry) :icondancedancecat: (A) :iconthedot16: (A) :iconmarshmallowtoy: (H) :iconpkmn-animechick: (H)

Norgannon (US)
:iconemeraldthewolf: (H) :iconetluxfuit:

Nozdormu (US)
:iconbroodprincess: (A)

Proudmoore (US)
:iconmspugluver: (A)

Quel'Thalas (US)
:iconhya-sagitta: (A) :iconlometari: (A)

Ravencrest (US)
:iconrouknette: (H)

Rexxar (US)
:iconbhryn: (A)

Runetotem (US)
:iconmaskurade: (A)

Sargeras (US)
:iconsaphira001: (A)

Sentinels (US)

Scarlet Crusade (US)
:iconrysicup: (A) :iconariesmouse410:

Scilla (US)
:iconwinged-warrior: (A/H)

The Scryers (US)
:iconalceria-nyx: (H/A) :iconvalesse: :icontehjai: (A) :icontorispencer: (A) :icontehjai: (A)

Sen'jin (US)
:iconcocoasushi: (H)

Sentinels (US)
:icontechnacabbit: (H) :icontallmancreations: (H)

Sisters of Elune (US)
:iconaikiakane: (H)

Shadowmoon (US)
:icontehmagster: (H) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H)

Skullcrusher (US)
:icontammytwilightrose: (A/H)

Stormreaver (US)
:icontiersty: (A)

The Sha'Tar (US)
:iconspritedartling: (H)

Shu'halo (US)
:iconkhaos-gurl: (H)

Skywall (US)
:icono-kashi: (H) :iconevaxsnake:

Staghelm (US)
:iconmasumi-sayo: (H) :iconforkysanime: (H)

Steamwheedle Cartel (US)
:iconhclark: (H/A) :iconreversefrown: (?)

Silvermoon (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (A)

Sisters of Elune (US)
:iconijessykins: (A/H)

Spirestone (US)
:iconpkmn-animechick: (A)

Stormrage (US)
:iconarowell: (H)

Stormreaver (US)
:iconcradleofdoom: (H)

Stormscale (US)
:iconbhryn: (H)

Terokkar (US)
:iconmscherbear: (H)

Thorium Brotherhood (US)
:iconfawnhart: (A) :iconpoisonkandie: (H)

Thrall (US)
:icondevonianfossil: (H/A) :iconthedot16: (H)

Turalyon (US)
:iconnightelfsong: (A) :iconzemiki: (H)

Uldaman (US)
:iconasheydoo: (A)

Undermine (US)
:iconjinnxx: (H)

Velen (US)
:iconjesterdoll45: (A)

Venture Co. (US)
:iconsuvakastar: (A/H) :iconchristinagleason: (H)

Windrunner (US)
:iconmeoneko: (A) :iconartistic-kitten: (A)

Winterhoof (US)
:iconthe-yuri-canon: (H)

Wyrmrest Accord (US)
:iconsatiricalarts: (H/A) :iconknight-of-god: (A) :iconpygmygoatofdoom: (H/A) :iconaishathewyvern: (H) :iconyamicrystalline: (H) :iconpoisonkandie: (H) :iconjess-o: (A) :iconharbingerloki: (A/H) :icontippyti: :iconkynamh: (A) :iconkrisseymage: (H) :iconcrystalpaulino: (H/A) :iconmaskurade: (H) :iconthecreepingcow: (A) :iconariesmouse410:

Ysera (US)

Zul'jin (US)
:iconmistress--misa: (A)

Zuluhed (US)
:iconetluxfuit: :iconamizonmistress1:

EU and other Non-US Servers

Вечная Песня (RU)
:iconnerillin: (?)

Страж Смерти (RU)
:iconnatafka: (?)

Die Aldor (EU)
:iconwintertatze: (H) :iconlillieath: (H) :iconcidsin: (H)

Aggramar (EU)
:iconsoleilstarr: (H) :iconforyoutodotdotdot: (H/A)

Anachronos (EU)
:iconcaza909: (A)

Argent Dawn (EU)
:iconxeu-seung: (H) :iconchichi-xd: (A) :iconladyaxolotl: (A) :iconconstantie: (A/H) :iconpoison2007: (A/H) :iconcythete: (H/A) :iconkishibunbuns: (H) :iconillyrieth: (A/H)

Arathor (EU)
:icontasanee83: (A)

Aszune (EU)
:iconfeetonfire: (A)

Azjol Nerub (EU)

Azuremyst (EU)
:iconxxxmeelyxxx: (A)  :iconroselyn:  (A) :icongianara: (H)

Bloodfeather (EU)
:icongianara: (H)

Blackmoore (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A/H)

Boulderfist (EU)
:iconsara-araujo: (H)

Bronze Dragonflight (EU)
:iconbeckrrrawr: (A)

Conseil des Ombres (EU)

Darksear (EU)
:iconfeedapollyon: (H)

Darksorrow (EU)

Darth'Remark (AUST)
:iconokafire: (H)

Defias Brotherhood (EU)
:iconlaretsu: (H)

Die Aldor (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A)

Die Nachtwache (EU)
:iconsmileymoo: (H)

Draenor (EU)
:iconconstantie: (A)

Dragonblight (EU)
WARCHICK ALT SERVER EU (H) (see other journal)
:iconchichi-xd: (H) :iconconstantie: (H)

Emerald Dream (EU)
:iconyapi: (H)

Festung der Stürme (EU)

Forscherliga (EU)
:iconvictoryanny: (H)

Frostwhisper (EU)
:iconironmeow: (H)

Goldrinn (BR)
:iconjuleerodriguez: (A)

Jaedenar (EU)

Kirin Tor (EU)
:iconmowbruleciel: (H) :iconshalinka: (H/A) :iconshaeunderscore: (H) :icontee-chew: (A/H)

Moonglade (EU)
:iconaura-moon: (H/A) :iconkishibunbuns: (A)

Nagrand (EU)
:iconbeckrrrawr: (A) :iconironmeow: (A/H)

Omegawow (EU)
:iconkaroinna: (A)

Outland (EU)
:iconxsufferfrominsanityx: :icontigerbun: (A)

Quel'Thalas (EU)
:iconfeedapollyon: (H)

Runetotem (EU)
:iconironmeow: (A/H)

Saurfang (EU)
:iconstarbuckviper: (H)

Silvermoon (EU)
:iconcutelunatic: (H)

Sporregar (EU)
:iconzinjune: (H)

Steamwheedle Cartel (EU)

Stormscale (EU)
:iconironmeow: (H)

Sunstrider (EU)
:iconxsufferfrominsanityx: (H) :iconrizeru-chan: (A)

Talnivarr (EU)
:iconaugustanna: (A)

Terrokar (EU)  
:iconconstantie: (A)

Thrall (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A/H)

The Sha'tar (EU)
:iconchichi-xd: (H) :iconpoison2007: (H)

The Venture Co (EU)

Turalyon (EU)
:icontasanee83: (H) :iconfeedapollyon: (A)

Twisting Neather (EU)
:icongianara: (H)

Zenedar (EU)
:icongannehas: (A) :icontigerbun: (A) :iconconstantie: (A)

Zirkel des Cenarius (EU)
:iconsmileymoo: (A)

Zuluhead (EU)
:iconsenselein: (A)


See You Around! Don't forget to tell us your Warchick Alt name!

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Tsu-gambler 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Lianne/Kaistrasza @ Goldrinn - US :3
Tsu-gambler 2 days ago  Professional Digital Artist
Also... alliance. :v
Beexus 6 days ago  New member Hobbyist Digital Artist
My main server is LightningHoof - US - mostly Ally, one low level horde alt, I co own a guild and my 4 90's are here. 
Then Moonguard US - Horde
Doomhammer US - Ally
Paraspriteful Apr 12, 2014  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fenris- US- Horde and Alliance
Area 52- US- Horde
Kel'Thuzad- US- Alliance
EU Blackmoore Alliance and Horde
EU Thrall Horde
EU Die Aldor Alliance
lio-ns Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Area 52 horde!
IronMeow Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Hii c: Could i get added to Runetotem (A/H) and Stormscale (H) :) ? I'm still on the 2 others but yeah c:
LadyGhostDuchess Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
On the UK Servers right?
IronMeow Apr 9, 2014  Student General Artist
Woops, EU :)
renyerokami Apr 9, 2014  Hobbyist Writer
US Blackwater Raiders is my Horde server (main) and US Galakarond is my Alliance server
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