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Broken/Lost Ones

There are tribes all over WoW! And that is what is going to be this new challenge! (yes, the Halloween challenge is still going on, but there is no reason not to thrown in another one) BUT back to what I was going to say, there are many tribes in WoW and I think it would be fun to take our characters and thrown them into a tribal style!

Take one of your characters (doesn't matter their race!) and thrown them into something Tribal. Here is a list of all the tribes that you can find in WoW: . You need to select ONE and apply their clothing styles and what not to your character. This is just something a little fun. SO here are the challenge rules:
:bulletred: Your WoW character must be included
:bulletred: Your character MUST be decked out in some Tribal group in WoW
:bulletred: You need to tell us what tribe they are resembling
:bulletred: It must be a completed work
:bulletred: No more than two entries per-person (you can only win once)
:bulletred: HAVE FUN

This contest starts NOW and will end on November 30th 2015 at MIDNIGHT Arizona time (check google if you need to know your time limit)

All entries will gain a feature of the piece from LadyGhostDuchess
First Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess
Full Body Color Drawing from KrisseyMage
Second Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess
Full Body Grey Scale Drawing from KrisseyMage
Third Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess
Bust Grey Scale Drawing from KrisseyMage

Rakusa by Vash2214 by Vash2214
:bulletgreen::bulletred:Hello everyone!  This is the sign up page for the official :iconworld-of-warchicks: Winter Veil secret exchange! :bulletred::bulletgreen:

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:If you’re interested in joining, please read the following rules! :bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:  

:holly:Sign-ups start today, and go until November 30th.    Last year was absolutely amazing, and everyone was able to do their part and participate!  Therefore, I see no reason to not continue it this year!  :holly:

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::iconallianceplz: You must be a member of :iconworld-of-warchicks: to be able to join!   :iconforthehordeplz::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred: What is it?  :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:

:bulletblue:A secret santa exchange themed for World of Warcraft. Every artist will be paired up randomly with another.  You will be told who you’re drawing by December 2nd.  Please make sure to have the drawing completed :bulletred:before December 25th.:bulletred:  People who don’t have their drawing finished by then will not receive their present.

:santa:If you are paired up with someone who hasn’t done their drawing for you, don’t worry!:santa:

You will still get a picture from someone else.  We’ll find someone to pay you back for your hard work.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred: What can I ask for?  :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:

:bulletblue:You need to have a reference for at least one of your characters, or an extremely good description if you don’t have a picture reference.  In-game screenshots can count as a reference. If there are variations to the in-game photo, please specify on your comment.  You can list as many of your characters as you like; it’s up to the artist to choose who they want to draw.  However, you cannot ask for more than one of your characters to be drawn– that is up to the artist’s decision if they want to draw more than one or not.

IF YOU ARE A WRITER, NOT AN ARTIST ….  Please send me a note!  There were a few people like this last year, and if there is more than one of you this year, I can pair you up.

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred: What should I know about submitting the picture?  :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:

:bulletblue::bulletblue::santa:You CANNOT POST YOUR PICTURE until you receive a direct message from me saying that it’s okay.  You can’t email it to your santee, you can’t upload it to dA (even your personal account, not just the group).:santa::bulletblue::bulletblue:

:bulletblue:What you will do is e-mail it directly to me at, so that I can see that you're finished.  All images need to be finished.  No sketches!  A simple background is fine, as is scanning in a picture if you do not draw/color digitally.  Please take your time and put all of your effort into it!

:bulletblue:On Christmas day I will send you an email telling you when it is okay for you to post your image.  When I give you the okay, you will be submitting it to the World-of-Warchicks group yourself, so that all views and comments will be credited to your gallery!

:bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::santa:*Remember: you CANNOT upload your image until I directly email you and tell you that you can!*:santa::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred::bulletred:

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred: Where do I sign up?  :bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred:

:bulletblue:Leave a comment right here in this journal.  Just fill out the form below, and if you have any questions, please send a note my way!    

:holly:Given that it is a secret exchange, please do not tell the person you get that  you're drawing a picture for them!  This should go without saying.  If you have any questions about their character information, please tell me and I'll contact them and find out for you.  :holly:

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS …. Feel free to ask them here in a comment, or note me! :santa:

:bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:TO JOIN, FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW IN A COMMENT TO THIS JOURNAL::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen::bulletred::bulletgreen:

1.) Name: (Your name)

2.) E-mail: (you MUST provide an e-mail or you can't participate; this is so I can contact you to tell you who you are drawing, and so I can receive your image)

3.) Winter Veil/Holiday theme?:  (If you want a holiday/Winter Veil related picture, please say yes.  Otherwise, if you would prefer it not to be holiday-themed, say no.)

4.) What You Prefer to Draw: (If you can only draw humanoid characters, for example, but can’t draw trolls or tauren, please specify here.  I will try to make sure you aren’t paired up with someone out of your comfort zone.  :) )

5.) Characters: (The character(s) you would like drawn; name, reference pictures or detailed physical descriptions, and a brief description of their personality)

I will fill out the first comment just as an example for you.  :)

:santa:        :iconallianceplz::iconworld-of-warchicks::iconforthehordeplz:    :santa:
We only had one entry for this challenge and she blew it out of the water: Headless Horseman World of Warchicks Challenge by Elvishprincess25
Congratulations to :iconelvishprincess25: for accepting the challenge and making the stakes so high that the world was to scared to enter against you :D

Oh goodness!
Cannot believe that we forgot about this! I am coming up to the rescue the best I can on this and I hope that you can participate in this challenge (even though there is such little notice).

Halloween is such a fun time of the year, pumpkins, spiders, ghosts...dun dun DUN
So, here is your challenge.

If your character (male or female) was the counterpart (or lover) of the Headless Horseman, what would they look like?
:bulletblack: Your WoW character must be included
:bulletblack: It must have a dark 'all hallows eve' feeling
:bulletblack: dramatic costumes (no transmog, unless it is a dramatic costume)
:bulletblack: Must be a completed piece of artwork (no incomplete sketches/inking)
:bulletblack: No more than two entries per-person (you can only win once)
:bulletblack: EXTRA BROWNIE POINTS if you can include  the horseman or Nightmare.

The Headless Horseman by Kanaru92 The Headless Loser by after-eleven Headless horseman by x-Celebril-x
Because we are so behind on posting this contest you have until November 06th 2015 at MIDNIGHT Arizona time (check google if you need to know your time limit)

All entries will gain a feature of the piece from LadyGhostDuchess
First Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess
Second Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess
Third Place
Artist Feature from LadyGhostDuchess


Headless Horseman World of Warchicks Challenge by Elvishprincess25
I have been here, just not as much as I have been able to in the past, but that hopefully will be changing. I AM GOING TO START SOMETHING UP FOR YOU! Challenge time...YES THAT IS RIGHT! Challenge Time! We have not had one of those in a really long time so I hope that you are up for it.

That is right, I am going to challenge you to draw your character as a different race, think you can manage? Well, here are the rules, I hope you enjoy this challenge because, heck, I might even join it for kicks and giggles.
Human = Undead
Blood Elf = Night Elf
Drany = Troll
Dwarf = Orc
Tauren = Worgen
Gnome = Goblin
Pandarian = ANY OTHER RACE

Do you think you can handle that challenge?
Make sure that you submit this to the challenge folder, if it is not submitted to the challenge folder it will not be accepted into the challenge ( I will post the pictures here in the journal). You must also include that your drawing is for this challenge and maybe even provide what your character looked like originally before you race changed it in a drawing :)

Sketch/Drawing Give Aways


I have finished the Sketch/Drawing Give Away, you can all see your give aways beneath here:
Since I am done, I have started a new round, with classes instead. You can find it here:
Sketch Give Away:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:
I love getting practice, and I just finished my first sketch/drawing give away over at World-of-Warchicks, took me a whole year to finish!
You can find the journal with finished pieces here:

This time I will do 12 skethces, one for each class in WoW.
For now, you can only get one, so choose carefully which character you would like me to draw, and remember to check if the class is already taken.
It will of course be on a first comes first basis, I will probably do more rounds later on. ;)
All I need is a reference (I will decide the pose myself).
This time I am only offering one style, see example below:
Hand drawn sketch, inked, and most likely with digital colors.

Warrior - Deethedoodler - Finished!

Paladin - Open
Hunter - Open
Rogue - Open
Priest - Open
Death Knight - Open
Shaman - Open
Mage - AishatheWyvern - Got reference
Warlock - Open

The Sketches/Drawings:

Orc female: :devdominohorsey
Sketch Give Away - Orc Female by constantie

Orc male: AranyaVerSarn
Sketch Give Away - Male Orc by constantie

Human female: JudSzen
Drawing Give Aways - Human female by constantie

Human male: Asharinhun
Sketch Give Aways - Human Male by constantie

Undead female: LadyGhostDuchess
Sketch Give Away - Undead Female by constantie

Undead male: YourRain
Sketch Give Away - Undead Male by constantie

Night elf female: iimustaN

Mature Content

Sketch Give Away - Night Elf Female by constantie

Night elf male: MythicEl
Drawing Give Aways - Night Elf Male by constantie

Tauren female: thecreepingcow
Drawing Give Aways - Tauren Female by constantie

Tauren male: LadyGhostDuchess
Sketch Give Away - Male Tauren by constantie

Dwarf female: Stolen-Dreamer
Sketch Give Aways - Dwarf Female by constantie

Troll female: Bhryn
Sketch Give Away - Troll Female by constantie

Troll male: AmithystStone
Drawing Give Aways - Troll Male by constantie

Gnome female: Elvishprincess25
Sketch Give Away - Gnome Female by constantie

Blood elf female: FadedLightning
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Female by constantie

Blood elf male: ddsgale
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Male by constantie

Draenei female: Living-In-Whimsy
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Female by constantie

Draenei male: The-Zombie-Cat
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Male by constantie

Goblin female: Tsanuki
Sketch Giveaways - Goblin Female by constantie

Goblin male: Canadian-Rainwater
Sketch Give Away - Goblin Male by constantie

Worgen female: renyerokami
Sketch Giveaways - Worgen Female by constantie

Worgen male: ZafNova
Sketch Give Away - Worgen Male by constantie

Pandarian female: frisket17
Sketch Give Away - Female Pandaren by constantie

Keeper of the Grove male: ImagenAshyun
Sketch Giva Away - Male Centaurion by constantie

Tol'Vir mix female: The-Cerzz
Sketch Give Away - Female Centaurian by constantie

Illidan Stormrage: Elvishprincess25
Sketch Give Away - Illidan by constantie

Journal written by constantie

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