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I wanted to personally say congratulations to all the winners from this challenge! You are *ALL* winners in my eyes, your artwork is fantastic! I am pleased that you took the time to enter my challenge. Below are the pieces of artwork that were entered into the contest on display for everyone to see. Also, the winners of the challenge! Be sure you congratulate everyone!

Every Person that participates will get the following:
Submission pieces journal feature on World-of-Warchicks (this journal)
Submission pieces journal feature on LadyGhostDuchess
Submission pieces journal feature on Mistress--Misa

First Place
WoW: Float Away into Serenity by Bhryn WoW: Volleyball Trolls by Bhryn

1st Place: One submission piece will be moved to the feature folder
1st Place: One character sketch by LadyGhostDuchess
1st Place: One character sketch by Glacebon
1st Place: One piece of artwork by Natasherz
1st Place: One piece of WoW art by Mistress--Misa
1st Place: 50 points from Mistress--Misa
1st Place: Chibi Character Drawing by TwoTigerMoon

Second Place
Horde Beach Party by TwoTigerMoon

2nd Place: One submission piece will be moved to the feature folder
2nd Place: One character sketch by Glacebon
2nd Place: 50 points from Mistress--Misa

Third Place :bulletred: WE HAVE A TIE :bulletred:
:star::star::star::iconmistress--misa: and :iconpaine-moong::star::star::star:
My Girls by Mistress--Misa and Family Swim Party! by Paine-MoonG

3rd Place: One submission piece will be moved to the feature folder
3rd Place: One character sketch by Glacebon
3rd Place: 50 points from Mistress--Misa

Other Participants
Swim Party Challenge 2k14 by sugarkitt3n Azuretone Sunscreen - SPF 1337 by AmithystStone Summer Car Wash by Sybil-chan
Warchicks Swim Party by constantie Wash It All Away by ode2sokka
Wow Swim party 3 by Elvishprincess25  Wow swim party 2 by Elvishprincess25  Wow Swim Party 1 by Elvishprincess25

AGAIN! You are all so fantastic and amazing! Please keep up the amazing artwork, I want to see more from you!

Upcoming challenges 2014:
July: "Summer time" Team Challenge
August: Mash Up Challenge
October: Halloween Challenge
November: Warchicks birthday challenge (happy 4 years Warchicks!)
December: xDizzyChanx's Secret Santa Exchange

Do notice that the challenges/exchanges may change, be added and/or be removed.</small>

Sketch/Drawing Give Aways


Since I would love some more practice and I rarely say no to a challenge,  I will give away 26 sketches/drawings,  two of each race,  one of each gender.
You can only get one,  so choose carefully which character you would like me to draw,  and check if the race + gender is taken already.
It will of course be on a first comes first basis, might do more rounds if it gets popular. ;)

All I need is a reference (I will decide the pose myself) and which style you want it in (1, 2 or 3).

Style 1 example: hand drawn sketch with digital colors
Clara (Crysania) by constantie

Style 2 example: digitally drawn sketch with colors
Sketch day 6 by constantie

Style 3 example: vector drawing
Pheragas and Palanthas Design by constantie

The Sketches/Drawings:

Orc female: DominoHorsey --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Orc Female by constantie

Orc male: AranyaVerSarn --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Male Orc by constantie

Human female: JudSzen --> Finished!
Drawing Give Aways - Human female by constantie

Human male: Asharinhun --> Finished!
Sketch Give Aways - Human Male by constantie

Undead female: LadyGhostDuchess --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Undead Female by constantie

Undead male: YourRain --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Undead Male by constantie

Night elf female: iimustaN --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Night Elf Female by constantie

Night elf male: MythicEl --> Finished!
Drawing Give Aways - Night Elf Male by constantie

Tauren female: thecreepingcow --> Finished!
Drawing Give Aways - Tauren Female by constantie

Tauren male: LadyGhostDuchess--> Got ref, style 2

Dwarf female: Stolen-Dreamer --> Finished!
Sketch Give Aways - Dwarf Female by constantie

Dwarf male: --> Still Open!

Troll female: Bhryn --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Troll Female by constantie

Troll male: AmithystStone --> Finished!
Drawing Give Aways - Troll Male by constantie

Gnome female: Elvishprincess25 --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Gnome Female by constantie

Gnome male: --> Still Open!

Blood elf female: FadedLightning --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Female by constantie

Blood elf male: ddsgale --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Male by constantie

Draenei female: Living-In-Whimsy --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Female by constantie

Draenei male: The-Zombie-Cat --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Male by constantie

Goblin female: TanukiSensei --> Finished!
Sketch Giveaways - Goblin Female by constantie

Goblin male: Canadian-Rainwater --> Got ref, style 1

Worgen female: renyerokami --> Finished!
Sketch Giveaways - Worgen Female by constantie

Worgen male: ZafNova --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Worgen Male by constantie

Pandarian female: frisket17 --> Finished!
Sketch Give Away - Female Pandaren by constantie

Pandarian male: --> Still Open!

Changed spots:

Keeper of the Grove male: ImagenAshyun --> Got ref, style 2
Tol'Vir mix female: The-Cerzz --> Got ref, style 2

Journal written by constantie

Feel free to copy the journal and submit to the group :-)

Edit: 25/06
Only 1 spot left!!!

I am now allowing people who already got a spot to take a second spot and  I am also allowing spots to be taken for a race/gender combination of your own choice (also non-playable races).

So sorry that I am so slow at getting these finished, my boss is still keeping me busy and especially since I will leave China in just 4 days... I am working on several at the same time now and hopefully I should have a few more done before I fly back to Denmark.
The Challenge for July is a Team Challenge, the rules are as follows:

People can either sign up in teams of two, or alone (where you will be matched randomly with another one).
It is enough just to write a comment below. You will not be signed up as a team unless you both mention each other in a comment below.

Together you are to write a short story (about 500 words) and create a piece for it, either MLP or drawing. The winners will be the ones that have made them fit together the best. (So no one feel they don't stand a chance again great writers or artists). So, in short, the team that have made the best teamwork by writing the short story and drawing/MLP something for it, will be the winner.

The entry has to be with the theme "Summer Time"

The short story has to be about 1 horde character and 1 alliance character, interacting in some way. Ex. An Orc chieftain who has fallen in love with his human captive or a blood elf rogue being surprised by a gnome child during a secret assignment (these are only examples).

You can hand in the finished assignment at any time before the end date, upload it to the 2014 challenge folder and leave a link below. Failing to do so will disqualify your team.


I am very sorry that I have not been enough online the past month to take care of Warchicks matters, so I am giving you an extra month to finish the July challenge.

Challenge ends at August 31st. (The date has been moved!)



- With a min. of 3 teams participating:
Price to winning team is 100 points each.

- With a min. of 5 teams participating:
Price to winning team is 200 points each.
Price to 2nd place is 100 point to each.

- With a min. of 7 teams participating:
Price to winning team is 1 month premium membership or 400 points each.
Price to 2nd place is 200 point to each.
Price to 3rd place is 100 point to each.


Judges cannot participate ;)


And the Judges are... *drum roll*

In the first seat we have our Mother Hen constantie!

In the second seat we have the always kind and caring LadyGhostDuchess!

And in the third and last seat we have our celebrity judge, known for her intense glares... KimberlySwan!



xAlalax and Seriiko

aikiakane and Elvishprincess25

FadedLightning and Paine-MoonG

Since there wasn't enough writers that signed up, I have teamed up the remaining, I hope you will still give it a try:
Stormweaver-Arts and Alkaline-Lady

Clutchie and sugarkitt3n

"Summer time team contest" written by constantie

Upcoming challenges 2014:
August: Mash Up Challenge
October: Halloween Challenge
November: Warchicks birthday challenge (happy 4 years Warchicks!)
December: xDizzyChanx's Secret Santa Exchange

Do notice that the challenges/exchanges may change, be added and/or be removed.

:new: IMPORTANT: This blog is for the Server-List Only
Hi Gals, to prevent this blog from getting too long to keep track of the comments, this blog will now be the Warchick Server List only. Please refer to the [Looking for More] Official Warchick Servers for news about our warchick servers, Nesingwary (US) and Dragonblight (EU).

Alright gals, the Warchicks have been around for a few months now, it's time to start moving things from DeviantART onto WoW itself! One of the great things about being in an all-girl community is making new friends, right? I'm sure there are some of you out there that have been hoping to find a questing partner, a gal much like yourself. Here are the ways we hope to introduce you to other Warchicks:

  1. We have compiled a Warchick Server List with data from our Warchick IDs to show which servers our warchicks are playing on. You will find this list below.

    The server list is a quick glimpse to show you if there are any other girls on your server, or where other girls are mostly playing. Maybe it will help you choose a new home for your toon, or just make some more friends! :date:
  2. Below Warchicks may post their own Warchick Guild Recruitment. If you are already part of an active guild on your main and would like to recruit some members from the warchicks, you can create a reply on this Blog with your invitation message.

    This blog will be the headquarters for Warchick Get-Togethers! Please check out the server list below!

Our Warchick Server List as of March 2011

The following server list was compiled from responses on the Warchick IDs. If you would like your name and server added, or if you need a correction, please leave a response or send a message to the group. If you find someone on your server, get together and take a screenshot! For the Warchicks!

US Servers

Aerie Peak (US)
:icontaiseiten: (A)

Agamaggan (US)
:iconseismica: (H) :iconpaine-moong: (H/A)

Aszune (US)
:iconanga-chan: (A)

Area 52 (US)
:iconcnids: (H) :iconlio-ns: (H) :iconparaspriteful: (H)

Argent Dawn (US)
:iconlenemichelle: (A/H) :iconevaxsnake: (H/A)

Arthas (US)
:icont-raposo: (H)

Alextrasza (US)
:iconskullnuku: (A)

Blackwater Raiders (US)
:iconrenyerokami: (H)

Blackwing Lair (US)
:iconstarnob: (H)

Blade's Edge (US)
:iconkatsuomangaka: (A)

Bleeding Hallow (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (H) :iconfatkittycat: (H) :iconbhryn: (H) :iconaurora--rose: (H) :iconsoleilstarr: (H/A)

Borean Tundra (US)
:iconpkmn-animechick: (A)

Bronzebeard (US)

Burning Blade (US)
:iconjigglypuffie: (H) :iconstolen-dreamer: (A) :icontamago-yaki: (H)

Burning Legion (US)
:iconshyrkakyuubipl: (A)

Cairne (US)
:iconatomicalix: (H)

Dalaran (US)
:icondeathtwilight: (H) :iconcheshirecatsmile37: (A)

Darkspear (US)
:iconbhryn: (H) :iconfatkittycat: (H) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H) :iconariesmouse410:

Dawnbringer (US)
:iconstolen-dreamer: (H)

Detheroc (US)
:iconsaltyokra: (H)

Doomhammer (US)
:iconbeexus: (A)

Draka (US)
:iconmira-silver: (A)

Drak'Tharon (US)
:iconvovina-de-micaloz: (H)

Duskwood (US)
:iconjesterdoll45: (A) :iconkynathel: (H)

Dragonblight (US)
:iconmasumi-sayo: (A) :iconforkysanime: (A) :iconchaosinvert: (H) :iconelimsyxes: (H/A)

Drakkari (US)
:iconshairnash: (H) :iconlometari: (H) :iconcaladril: (H)

Darrowmere (US)
:iconknight-of-god: (H)

Dalvengyr (US)
:icontouchedvenus: (H)

Earthen Ring (US)
:icontwotigermoon: (H) :iconcradleofdoom: (H) :iconrysicup: (H)

Echo Isles (US)
:iconglitch-of-perfection: (H)

Eitrigg (US)
:iconmammal33: (H)

Eldre'thalas (US)
:iconmarshmallowtoy: (A)

Elune (US)

Emerald Dream (US)
:iconmischiart: (A)

Executus (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (H) :iconfatkittycat: (H)

Farstriders (US)
:iconbluence: (A) :iconfantasybri: (A/H) :iconmscherbear: (A) :iconotherworldsart: (A)

Feathermoon (US)
:iconfusspot: (A)

Fenris (US)
:iconparaspriteful: (A/H)

Firetree (US)

Fizzcrank (US)
:icontheanimebabe: (H) :iconamywinterbreeze: (H) :iconsuvakastar: (A) :iconpaine-moong: (H/A)

Frostmourne (US)
:iconfawnhart: (A)

Frostwolf (US)
:iconwetmyplants: (H/A)

Garrosh (US)

Galakarond (US)
:iconrenyerokami: (A)

Gorganash (US)
:iconlittlebitzer: (H)

Goldrinn (US)
:icontsu-gambler: (A)

Gurubashi (US)
:iconkaliko-rosa: (H) :iconstonewalker: (H)

Hellfire (US)
:iconxcitizenxerasedx: (H)

Hyjal (US)
:iconstormweaver-arts: (H) :iconatomicalix: (A)

Icecrown (US)
:iconlillyanna-windmane: (H)

Jaedenar (US)
:iconjiggajiggabambam: (A/H)

Kaelthas (US)
:iconstarnob: (A) :iconminortechnicality: (A/H)

Khaz'goroth (US)
:iconlilena: (A)

Kel'Thuzad (US)
:iconparaspriteful: (A) :iconariesmouse410:

Kirin Tor (US)
:iconsolameya: (A) :iconharbingerloki: (A/H) :iconcopperpumpkin: (A) :icongina-sadiren: (A)

Lightninghoof (US)
:iconbeexus: (A) :iconzazu75:

Madoran (US)
:iconmscherbear: (A)

Maelstrom (US)
:iconbr3nna: (?) :iconaokori: (H)

Maiev (US)

Malorne (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (A)

Misha (US)
:iconbhryn: (A)

Moon Guard (US)
:iconwintersknight: (H/A) :iconaurora--rose: (A) :iconbeexus: (H) :iconbhryn: (A) :iconsatiricalarts: (H/A) :iconalceria-nyx: (H/A) :iconpygmygoatofdoom: (H) :iconsleepwalks: (H) :iconaestiah: (H) :iconvalesse: (A) :iconavannteth: (A) :iconaishathewyvern: (H) :iconrashkah: (H) :iconyourou: (H/A) :iconpickwick: (A) :iconpoisonkandie: (A) :iconmoodypug: (H) :iconenalon: (H) :icontori-inazuma: (A) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H) :iconvovina-de-micaloz: (A/H) :iconkanagosa: (A/H) :iconcheshirecatsmile37: (H) :iconnatasherz: (H) :iconrennali: (A) :iconmscherbear: (H) :iconevaxsnake: (H/A) :iconfantasytwilight: (H/A) :iconaeizwyn: (?) :iconmaskurade: (H) :iconariesmouse410:

Nessingwary (US)
WARCHICKS ALT GUILD (H) (see other journal entry) :icondancedancecat: (A) :iconthedot16: (A) :iconmarshmallowtoy: (H) :iconpkmn-animechick: (H)

Norgannon (US)
:iconemeraldthewolf: (H) :iconetluxfuit:

Nozdormu (US)
:iconbroodprincess: (A)

Proudmoore (US)
:iconmspugluver: (A)

Quel'Thalas (US)
:iconhya-sagitta: (A) :iconlometari: (A)

Ravencrest (US)
:iconrouknette: (H)

Rexxar (US)
:iconbhryn: (A)

Runetotem (US)
:iconmaskurade: (A)

Sargeras (US)
:iconsaphira001: (A)

Sentinels (US)

Scarlet Crusade (US)
:iconrysicup: (A) :iconariesmouse410:

Scilla (US)
:iconwinged-warrior: (A/H)

The Scryers (US)
:iconalceria-nyx: (H/A) :iconvalesse: :icontehjai: (A) :icontorispencer: (A) :icontehjai: (A)

Sen'jin (US)
:iconcocoasushi: (H)

Sentinels (US)
:icontechnacabbit: (H) :icontallmancreations: (H)

Sisters of Elune (US)
:iconaikiakane: (H)

Shadowmoon (US)
:icontehmagster: (H) :iconkc-mishi: (A/H)

Skullcrusher (US)
:icontammytwilightrose: (A/H)

Stormreaver (US)
:icontiersty: (A)

The Sha'Tar (US)
:iconspritedartling: (H)

Shu'halo (US)
:iconkhaos-gurl: (H)

Skywall (US)
:icono-kashi: (H) :iconevaxsnake:

Staghelm (US)
:iconmasumi-sayo: (H) :iconforkysanime: (H)

Steamwheedle Cartel (US)
:iconhclark: (H/A) :iconreversefrown: (?)

Silvermoon (US)
:iconladyghostduchess: (A)

Sisters of Elune (US)
:iconijessykins: (A/H)

Spirestone (US)
:iconpkmn-animechick: (A)

Stormrage (US)
:iconarowell: (H)

Stormreaver (US)
:iconcradleofdoom: (H)

Stormscale (US)
:iconbhryn: (H)

Terokkar (US)
:iconmscherbear: (H)

Thorium Brotherhood (US)
:iconfawnhart: (A) :iconpoisonkandie: (H)

Thrall (US)
:icondevonianfossil: (H/A) :iconthedot16: (H)

Turalyon (US)
:iconnightelfsong: (A) :iconzemiki: (H)

Twisting Nether (US)
:iconaurora--rose: (A)

Uldaman (US)
:iconasheydoo: (A)

Undermine (US)
:iconjinnxx: (H)

Velen (US)
:iconjesterdoll45: (A)

Venture Co. (US)
:iconsuvakastar: (A/H) :iconchristinagleason: (H)

Windrunner (US)
:iconmeoneko: (A) :iconartistic-kitten: (A) :iconmikasiwolflover6: (A)

Winterhoof (US)
:iconthe-yuri-canon: (H)

Wyrmrest Accord (US)
:iconaohili: (H) :iconstormweaver-arts: (H/A) :iconaurora--rose: (H/A) :iconsatiricalarts: (H/A) :iconknight-of-god: (A) :iconpygmygoatofdoom: (H/A) :iconaishathewyvern: (H) :iconyamicrystalline: (H) :iconpoisonkandie: (H) :iconjess-o: (A) :iconharbingerloki: (A/H) :icontippyti: :iconkynamh: (A) :iconkrisseymage: (H) :iconcrystalpaulino: (H/A) :iconmaskurade: (H) :iconthecreepingcow: (A) :iconariesmouse410:

Ysera (US)

Zul'jin (US)
:iconstormweaver-arts: (A)

Zuluhed (US)
:iconetluxfuit: :iconamizonmistress1:

EU and other Non-US Servers

Вечная Песня (RU)
:iconnerillin: (?)

Страж Смерти (RU)
:iconnatafka: (?)

Die Aldor (EU)
:iconwintertatze: (H) :iconlillieath: (H) :iconcidsin: (H)

Aerie Park (EU)
:iconnikury: (A)

Aggramar (EU)
:iconforyoutodotdotdot: (H/A)

Anachronos (EU)
:iconcaza909: (A)

Argent Dawn (EU)
:iconxeu-seung: (H) :iconchichi-xd: (A) :iconladyaxolotl: (A) :iconconstantie: (A/H) :iconpoison2007: (A/H) :iconsoftlyvoiced: (H/A) :iconkishibunbuns: (H) :iconillyrieth: (A/H)

Arathor (EU)
:icontasanee83: (A)

Aszune (EU)
:iconfeetonfire: (A)

Azjol Nerub (EU)

Azuremyst (EU)
:iconxxxmeelyxxx: (A)  :iconroselyn:  (A) :icongianara: (H)

Bloodfeather (EU)
:icongianara: (H)

Blackmoore (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A/H)

Boulderfist (EU)
:iconsara-araujo: (H)

Bronze Dragonflight (EU)
:iconbeckrrrawr: (A)

Conseil des Ombres (EU)

Darksear (EU)
:iconfeedapollyon: (H)

Darksorrow (EU)
:iconsarosna: (A) :iconvalkyrhyn:

Darth'Remark (AUST)
:iconokafire: (H)

Defias Brotherhood (EU)
:iconlaretsu: (H)

Die Aldor (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A)

Die Nachtwache (EU)
:iconsmileymoo: (H)

Draenor (EU)
:iconconstantie: (A)

Dragonblight (EU)
WARCHICK ALT SERVER EU (H) (see other journal)
:iconchichi-xd: (H) :iconconstantie: (H)

Emerald Dream (EU)
:iconyapi: (H)

Festung der Stürme (EU)

Forscherliga (EU)
:iconvictoryanny: (H)

Frostwhisper (EU)
:iconironmeow: (H)

Goldrinn (BR)
:iconjuleerodriguez: (A)

Jaedenar (EU)

Kirin Tor (EU)
:iconmowbruleciel: (H) :iconshalinka: (H/A) :iconshaeunderscore: (H) :icontee-chew: (A/H)

Moonglade (EU)
:iconaura-moon: (H/A) :iconkishibunbuns: (A)

Nagrand (EU)
:iconbeckrrrawr: (A) :iconironmeow: (A/H)

Omegawow (EU)
:iconkaroinna: (A)

Outland (EU)
:iconxsufferfrominsanityx: :icontigerbun: (A)

Quel'Thalas (EU)
:iconfeedapollyon: (H)

Ravencrest (EU)
:iconsugarkitt3n: (A)

Runetotem (EU)
:iconironmeow: (A/H)

Saurfang (EU)
:iconstarbuckviper: (H)

Silvermoon (EU)
:iconcutelunatic: (H) :iconnikury: (A)

Sporregar (EU)
:iconzinjune: (H)

Steamwheedle Cartel (EU)

Stormscale (EU)
:iconironmeow: (H)

Sunstrider (EU)
:iconxsufferfrominsanityx: (H) :iconrizeru-chan: (A)

Talnivarr (EU)
:iconaugustanna: (A)

Tarren Mill (EU)
:iconnikury: (H)

Terrokar (EU)  
:iconconstantie: (A)

Thrall (EU)
:icon0wlsome: (A/H)

The Maelstrom (EU)
:iconsugarkitt3n: (A)

The Sha'tar (EU)
:iconchichi-xd: (H) :iconpoison2007: (H)

The Venture Co (EU)

Turalyon (EU)
:icontasanee83: (H) :iconfeedapollyon: (A)

Twisting Neather (EU)
:icongianara: (H)

Zenedar (EU)
:icongannehas: (A) :icontigerbun: (A) :iconconstantie: (A)

Zirkel des Cenarius (EU)
:iconsmileymoo: (A)

Zuluhead (EU)
:iconsenselein: (A)


See You Around! Don't forget to tell us your Warchick Alt name!

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Secret Easter Egg Exchange

Following has been removed from the list of getting their gift:

:iconharmfuldemise: :iconmspugluver:

New gifters has been found for those missing their gift.



Find your Secret Easter Egg gift here:

:iconamithyststone: :
:iconladyghostduchess: :
:iconrahnessa: :
:iconxalalax: :
:iconsybil-chan: :
:iconthecreepingcow: :
:iconasheydoo: :
:iconelvishprincess25:  :
:iconcutekiwiz: :
:iconkrisseymage: :
:iconiimustan: :
:iconmythicel: :
:iconparaspriteful: :
:iconthe-zombie-cat: :
:iconmermaidmaggie: :
:iconshaeunderscore: :
:iconworgengirl: :
:iconmalisvitterfolk: :
:iconfadedlightning: :
:iconpaine-moong: :
:iconstolen-dreamer: : -

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