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I have been here, just not as much as I have been able to in the past, but that hopefully will be changing. I AM GOING TO START SOMETHING UP FOR YOU! Challenge time...YES THAT IS RIGHT! Challenge Time! We have not had one of those in a really long time so I hope that you are up for it.

That is right, I am going to challenge you to draw your character as a different race, think you can manage? Well, here are the rules, I hope you enjoy this challenge because, heck, I might even join it for kicks and giggles.
Human = Undead
Blood Elf = Night Elf
Drany = Troll
Dwarf = Orc
Tauren = Worgen
Gnome = Goblin
Pandarian = ANY OTHER RACE

Do you think you can handle that challenge?
Make sure that you submit this to the challenge folder, if it is not submitted to the challenge folder it will not be accepted into the challenge ( I will post the pictures here in the journal). You must also include that your drawing is for this challenge and maybe even provide what your character looked like originally before you race changed it in a drawing :)

Sketch/Drawing Give Aways


I have finished the Sketch/Drawing Give Away, you can all see your give aways beneath here:
Since I am done, I have started a new round, with classes instead. You can find it here:
Sketch Give Away:iconrainbowwaveplz1::iconrainbowwaveplz2::iconrainbowwaveplz3:
I love getting practice, and I just finished my first sketch/drawing give away over at World-of-Warchicks, took me a whole year to finish!
You can find the journal with finished pieces here:

This time I will do 12 skethces, one for each class in WoW.
For now, you can only get one, so choose carefully which character you would like me to draw, and remember to check if the class is already taken.
It will of course be on a first comes first basis, I will probably do more rounds later on. ;)
All I need is a reference (I will decide the pose myself).
This time I am only offering one style, see example below:
Hand drawn sketch, inked, and most likely with digital colors.

Warrior - Deethedoodler - Finished!

Paladin - Open
Hunter - Open
Rogue - Open
Priest - Open
Death Knight - Open
Shaman - Open
Mage - AishatheWyvern - Got reference
Warlock - Open

The Sketches/Drawings:

Orc female: :devdominohorsey
Sketch Give Away - Orc Female by constantie

Orc male: AranyaVerSarn
Sketch Give Away - Male Orc by constantie

Human female: JudSzen
Drawing Give Aways - Human female by constantie

Human male: Asharinhun
Sketch Give Aways - Human Male by constantie

Undead female: LadyGhostDuchess
Sketch Give Away - Undead Female by constantie

Undead male: YourRain
Sketch Give Away - Undead Male by constantie

Night elf female: iimustaN

Mature Content

Sketch Give Away - Night Elf Female by constantie

Night elf male: MythicEl
Drawing Give Aways - Night Elf Male by constantie

Tauren female: thecreepingcow
Drawing Give Aways - Tauren Female by constantie

Tauren male: LadyGhostDuchess
Sketch Give Away - Male Tauren by constantie

Dwarf female: Stolen-Dreamer
Sketch Give Aways - Dwarf Female by constantie

Troll female: Bhryn
Sketch Give Away - Troll Female by constantie

Troll male: AmithystStone
Drawing Give Aways - Troll Male by constantie

Gnome female: Elvishprincess25
Sketch Give Away - Gnome Female by constantie

Blood elf female: FadedLightning
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Female by constantie

Blood elf male: ddsgale
Sketch Give Away - Blood Elf Male by constantie

Draenei female: Living-In-Whimsy
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Female by constantie

Draenei male: The-Zombie-Cat
Sketch Give Away - Draenei Male by constantie

Goblin female: Tsanuki
Sketch Giveaways - Goblin Female by constantie

Goblin male: Canadian-Rainwater
Sketch Give Away - Goblin Male by constantie

Worgen female: renyerokami
Sketch Giveaways - Worgen Female by constantie

Worgen male: ZafNova
Sketch Give Away - Worgen Male by constantie

Pandarian female: frisket17
Sketch Give Away - Female Pandaren by constantie

Keeper of the Grove male: ImagenAshyun
Sketch Giva Away - Male Centaurion by constantie

Tol'Vir mix female: The-Cerzz
Sketch Give Away - Female Centaurian by constantie

Illidan Stormrage: Elvishprincess25
Sketch Give Away - Illidan by constantie

Journal written by constantie

My name is Zivilyn, that's me, on the picture! Don't I just look great?

Zivilyn testing the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera by constantie

I just got myself this awesome S.E.L.F.I.E Camera, unfortunately, it was after I finished my last journey around Azeroth, and I will not be going again any time soon, so my whole picture book is filled with boring images... A few days ago, I put together the ten best of those images and put them in a collage, again I have to dissapoint you, I can barely remember where I took the images. Maybe you can help me out?

Warchicks Selfie Contest by constantie

I got a few extra empty collages, could you please during your next travels try and find those spots and take pictures of yourself there with your S.E.L.F.I.E Camera, put them in the empty collage, write where you took the picture and send it to me? That would be so sweet of you! Then I will know how to get there again.

EDIT 14/05:

I was looking over my pictures the other day, and then it hit me!
I chose exactly these pictures because I've been all around Azeroth,
isn't that fun? Three of them are from places in Northern Kingdoms,
three are from places in Kalimdor and the last four is one from each
other place I have been; Outlands, Northrend, Pandaria and Draenor.

xox Zivilyn

Contest rules:
  • The contest ends by June 1st.
  • The winners will be announced by constantie, who will define which collages got the closest to the actual places in the original collage.
  • To participate, you need to download and use the collage for your images, the folder contains both .psd and .png files.
  • Once you have filled out all the placeholders with your images, upload your collage to the Warchicks Challenge Folder You are not participating unless you upload to the folder!!!
  • Your character need to be level 100 and have a flying mount to be able to reach all spots. All places are accessible by both Horde and Alliance players.
  • ALL images has to be taken with the S.E.L.F.I.E. Camera


1st place goes too kagetora4ever who found all the places!
She won:
- One full body colored sketch by constantie


:iconkagetora4ever: with:
Jetsica Selfie Collage by kagetora4ever
For those interested, here is a quick challenge for April :)

I have made a list of 10 themes for you to create pieces from.
- You can complete as many as you wish, but you have to be finished before May 1st.
- You can complete this challenge in whatever medium you want, and you don't have to stick to one medium throughout the challenge.
- You don't have to do the list in order.
- The only rule is that it has to be World of Warcraft related!

You are welcome to upload your pieces to the challenge folder.

Once you have completed something on the list, you can link the piece in a comment and you will be listed below.

So! I hope you will join the challenge and share your work with all of us. :D

Good luck to those participating! :dance:

:star: The List: :star:

1. Seeking Solace
2. Trouble Lurking
3. Under the Rain
4. Precious Treasure
5. Breaking the Rules
6. Playing the Melody
7. Are You Challenging Me?
8. Fly Me to the Moon
9. East Meets West
10. Breathe Again

:iconelizabeth-ryan: with:
- World of Warcraft:  Healing Waters - by Elizabeth-Ryan

:iconelvishprincess25: with:
Aryssia and Keitheas found in the grass by Elvishprincess25 WoW10 Adreon Darkheart by Elvishprincess25 Aria and Aio in Azshara by Elvishprincess25 Dathremar and lila by Elvishprincess25
Just trying to get a bit ahead of LadyGhostDuchess here, so she don't get to do all the challenges ;)

March Easter Challenge!

Easter is on it's way, and last year we did a secret exchange, so lets try an "open" exchange this year!

We will need the following from you:
1. Name of your character:
2. Race:
3. Class:
4. Specific details:
5. Reference:
6. Preference: (Drawing, MLP and/or Short Story)

1. Name of your character: Sarah O'Conner
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Rouge
4. Specific details: Pirate, arrgh! She wears a pink patch over her left eye.
5. Reference:
6. Preference: Any is fine


Rules: The rules may be subject to minor changes

I will list you in this journal, and then you girls can shoot in on who you want to draw, MLP or write a short story about! :)
- You can do as many as you want to, but you HAVE to do atleast one (in case someone is unable to finish theirs, someone else can step in).
- You can only get 1 character listed, so think hard about who you want!
Edit: - You can either write in a comment who you want to draw, or you can have me assign you to one, either way, leave a comment!
How can you do more than one piece, but only get one listed? - You only list one character, but more than one person can finish a piece for you, if they want to!

The piece has to be finished before April 1st and it HAS to be in Easter Theme :dance:


The List:

Owner: :iconstormweaver-arts:
1. Name of your character: Reikah Dawnstrider
2. Race: Blood Elf
3. Class: Death Knight
4. Specific details: Very cold and calculating. She doesn't tend to have full conversations with
anyone except immediate family, and keeps to herself most of the time. She has a mean streak,
and is easily angered, so staying away from people is her way of dealing with it. She has learned
to deal with being a DK, though she would rather not be one.
5. Reference: The only good ref I have of Reikah is this,
6. Preference: Drawing preferably, but a story could do (I somewhat hate MLP, so please none of that >.>)
Reikah for StormweaverArts by Elvishprincess25 WC:  Reikah by Stolen-Dreamer Reikah: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconworgengirl:
1. Name of your character: Fellaria
2. Race: Worgen, but may be drawn human.
3. Class: Rogue.
4. Specific details: Not the nicest, but a good person. Always in the shadows, likes solitude. Can get angry.
5. Reference:
Rogue by Worgengirl :thumb504146327:
6. Preference: Drawing
Worgengirl rogue Easter piece by Elvishprincess25 This Isn't Chocolate  by Destiny-Kaspar Fellaria: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconladyghostduchess:
1. Name of your character: Lianic
2. Race: Undead
3. Class: Death Knight
4. Specific details:
WoW - Lianic - Body Chart by LadyGhostDuchess
This image shows well on specific details, her body chart. She is quite, but dark when speaking (not in action, but in tone) she is protective. She has died twice (once to become undead, the next to be a DK) Though she is a powerful creature, she loves bunnies. Only one side of her face is torn up. The scars under her eyes are more like the way you would look if your mascara ran down your face (see the picture by FatKittyCat to get an understanding) Her hair is very choppy, literally. She loves her undead minions (unholy). Her appearance is always looking like she is pissed off, even sometimes when she isn't, just the shape of her eyebrow lol. Her hair is a dark grey, not black. (in my gallery the old version of her had pigtails, not anymore, so please do not pay heed to it)
5. Reference:
WoW - Lianic by LadyGhostDuchess Girls by FatKittyCat
6. Preference: Drawing
Lianic by Elvishprincess25 Lianic: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconstolen-dreamer:
1. Name of your character: Pebcak  (Pebbles or Pebs for short)
2. Race: Draenei
3. Class: Enhancement Shaman
4. Specific details: Silly, innocent, a little timid, yet unafraid to stand with her friends to fight.  Even if she's not the best at what she does (she's a little ditzy, lol, so she maybe doesn't hold her mace exactly the right way, or she doesn't always remember to use her totems), she still gives her all.  She believes in true love, but is afraid to go on that particular adventure just yet.
5. Reference:…
6. Preference: Drawing or MLP - HOWEVER, Please draw her in regular clothes, NOT battle armour.  You can change her hairstyle and stuff, but keep the features the same so that it's recognizable as Pebs :)  Thanks!!!
Pebcak by Elvishprincess25 Pebcak: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :icondestiny-kaspar:
1. Name of your character: Shana
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Hunter
4. Specific details: Has sort of an intense gaze. She's elusive and cunning. Often times she has a slight smirk on her expression. Some think she is uncaring, but is very accepting of almost anyone. She also loves her animal companions a lot.
5. Reference:…
6. Preference: Drawing (It would be nice if she had at least one of her hunter pets, but I suppose she doesn't have to. To simplify it she has a Dread Raven hatchling she keeps around)
Sneaky Shana for Destinykaspar by Elvishprincess25 Easter Image for Destiny-Kespar by AmithystStone Shana: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconkrisseymage:
1. Name of your character: Marron Hawkwing
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Arms Warrior
4. Specific details: Thick black hair, always pulled back, dark skin, light brown eyes with a hint of gold color. Lover of the small things in life, such as ale, battle weapons and the occasional cigar. She's a warm person but doesn't always open up, likes to observe from a distance.
5. Reference:
Afternoon drink by KrisseyMage Marronheadsketch916 by KrisseyMage
6. Preference: Drawing or story :>
Marron Hawkwing for KrisseyMage by Elvishprincess25 :thumb524934583: WC: Marron Hawkwing    “Now who could have gone through all this trouble?  It’s sweet, but…” Marron Hawkwing stood in her modest kitchen, hair and clothes in morning disarray as she stared at the strange and unexpected surprise resting on her heavy oak kitchen table.  She took a tentative step forward and looked a bit closer.
    Sunbeams were steaming in through the single window, filling the room with bright morning light.  A few dust motes danced in the air as though disturbed by a faint breeze or someone’s hasty departure.  Marron took another step forward.  She ran her fingers through her black hair, loose now from its normal ponytail.  Her light plain white cotton robe was belted tightly at her waist, and a pale blue nightgown peaked from the bottom of her robe.  Bare feet whispered on the cool tile floor as she drew closer yet.
    A large Noblegarden basket was spread out on the table.  The careful

Owner: :iconelvishprincess25:
1. Name of your character: Elvenfrost
2. Race: Night Elf
3. Class: Hunter
4. Specific details: She has tattoos and piercings listed in the references but you dont have to include them :D um, she has her Black striped saber, Link, as her main pet. She is pretty low-key, keeps to herself, isnt hateful and wont attack opposing faction unless they attack first, she will do almost anything to help anyone and she uphold morality above most other things. She loves nature and color. She has Purple hair that has tones of blue and pink in it as well (listed ref pic) and she has Opalescent eyes...silver/white looking with hints of every color in them, like an opal :D
5. Reference:…,
Elvenfrost Lineage by Elvishprincess25 Elvenfrost Normal Clothes cartoony by Elvishprincess25
Her backstory is here....if i can finish her personality info and what not ill Edit this ASAP!!!
6. Preference: Drawing pls :D
WoW - Easter Exchange - Elvishprincess25 by LadyGhostDuchess Elvenfrost by Stormweaver-Arts ElvenFrost: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconamithyststone:
1. Name of your character: Elder Amiaji
2. Race: Troll
3. Class: Druid (Feral)
4. Specific details: She is old and blind. Most the time she wears a veil to cover it but she has many slashing scars running horizontally across the area on and around her eyes, she slashed them with a knife when she was grieving the death of both her children. Personality: Wise and Fierce. She lost both her biological children but she has adopted others, even some adults among them (she's so old they may as well be children to her),  and she often comes back to the village with gifts for them all. (Grandma's are made to spoil children after all :P )
5. Reference:
Elder Druid Amiaji by AmithystStone Screenie by AmithystStone
(for detail) Staff…
Gear… ((To clarify, the helm if drawn is same that's in the screenshot/drawing, not the wowhead link))
6. Preference: Drawing
Elder Amiaji Easter For AmithystStone by Elvishprincess25 Elder Amiaji: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage


:iconstormweaver-arts: - doing one for Elvishprincess25 - done :D
:iconworgengirl: - doing one for KrisseyMage - done :D
:iconladyghostduchess: - assigned to Elvishprincess25 - done :D
:iconstolen-dreamer: - doing one for each if time permits :D - done :D
:icondestiny-kaspar: - doing one for Worgengirl - done :D
:iconkrisseymage: - doing one for each if time permits :D - done :dance:
:iconelvishprincess25: - doing one for each if time permits :D  - done :dance:
:iconamithyststone: - doing one for Destiny-Kaspar - done :D

For your finished pieces, please submit them to the Art Challenges folder, and put the link in a comment :)

Get creative girls!

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