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World of Warchicks

Welcome to World of Warchicks on DeviantART

Devoted to all female players of the MMO RPG World of Warcraft, #World-of-Warchicks will promote art, cosplay, crafts and creations of DeviantART's creative WoW women.

Outside of the art world, #World-of-Warchicks primary goal is to make WoW female players feel appreciated! Female gamers are an ever-growing presence in what is stereotypically a "boy's world", and it's important that we encourage each other as girl-players, enjoying the things we, as women, like to do in-game.

How Do I Join?

We are accepting any female player of World of Warcraft to join our ranks! It doesn't matter how much experience you might have in the game or artistically. We would love to see your art and fan creations, so bring it on!

:bulletyellow: Apply to Join the Group.
:bulletyellow: Under "Reasons for Joining", please write a short bit about yourself (example, what character do you play?). Let us know what you would like to contribute to the group.
:bulletyellow: Wait for approval, then bam! Come on in and send your art and discussions. More on that below!

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World-of-Warchicks could always use a few helping hands to make the group more active and more fun for its members! If you feel like joining the administration team, please send the group a note of how you would like to help.

We accept 4 different types of Contributors, which include Creative Contributor, Blog Contributor, Administrative Contributor and Guild Contributor. Feel free to send us a note to inquire about the requirements for each position.

Mother Hen

Warchick Commander



Just trying to get a bit ahead of LadyGhostDuchess here, so she don't get to do all the challenges ;)

March Easter Challenge!

Easter is on it's way, and last year we did a secret exchange, so lets try an "open" exchange this year!

We will need the following from you:
1. Name of your character:
2. Race:
3. Class:
4. Specific details:
5. Reference:
6. Preference: (Drawing, MLP and/or Short Story)

1. Name of your character: Sarah O'Conner
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Rouge
4. Specific details: Pirate, arrgh! She wears a pink patch over her left eye.
5. Reference:
6. Preference: Any is fine


Rules: The rules may be subject to minor changes

I will list you in this journal, and then you girls can shoot in on who you want to draw, MLP or write a short story about! :)
- You can do as many as you want to, but you HAVE to do atleast one (in case someone is unable to finish theirs, someone else can step in).
- You can only get 1 character listed, so think hard about who you want!
Edit: - You can either write in a comment who you want to draw, or you can have me assign you to one, either way, leave a comment!
How can you do more than one piece, but only get one listed? - You only list one character, but more than one person can finish a piece for you, if they want to!

The piece has to be finished before April 1st and it HAS to be in Easter Theme :dance:


The List:

Owner: :iconstormweaver-arts:
1. Name of your character: Reikah Dawnstrider
2. Race: Blood Elf
3. Class: Death Knight
4. Specific details: Very cold and calculating. She doesn't tend to have full conversations with
anyone except immediate family, and keeps to herself most of the time. She has a mean streak,
and is easily angered, so staying away from people is her way of dealing with it. She has learned
to deal with being a DK, though she would rather not be one.
5. Reference: The only good ref I have of Reikah is this,
6. Preference: Drawing preferably, but a story could do (I somewhat hate MLP, so please none of that >.>)
Reikah for StormweaverArts by Elvishprincess25 WC:  Reikah by Stolen-Dreamer

Owner: :iconworgengirl:
1. Name of your character: Fellaria
2. Race: Worgen, but may be drawn human.
3. Class: Rogue.
4. Specific details: Not the nicest, but a good person. Always in the shadows, likes solitude. Can get angry.
5. Reference:
Rogue by Worgengirl Fell Ref Sheet by Worgengirl
6. Preference: Drawing
Worgengirl rogue Easter piece by Elvishprincess25 This Isn't Chocolate  by Destiny-Kaspar

Owner: :iconladyghostduchess:
1. Name of your character: Lianic
2. Race: Undead
3. Class: Death Knight
4. Specific details:
WoW - Lianic - Body Chart by LadyGhostDuchess
This image shows well on specific details, her body chart. She is quite, but dark when speaking (not in action, but in tone) she is protective. She has died twice (once to become undead, the next to be a DK) Though she is a powerful creature, she loves bunnies. Only one side of her face is torn up. The scars under her eyes are more like the way you would look if your mascara ran down your face (see the picture by FatKittyCat to get an understanding) Her hair is very choppy, literally. She loves her undead minions (unholy). Her appearance is always looking like she is pissed off, even sometimes when she isn't, just the shape of her eyebrow lol. Her hair is a dark grey, not black. (in my gallery the old version of her had pigtails, not anymore, so please do not pay heed to it)
5. Reference:
WoW - Lianic by LadyGhostDuchess Girls by FatKittyCat
6. Preference: Drawing
Lianic by Elvishprincess25 Lianic: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconstolen-dreamer:
1. Name of your character: Pebcak  (Pebbles or Pebs for short)
2. Race: Draenei
3. Class: Enhancement Shaman
4. Specific details: Silly, innocent, a little timid, yet unafraid to stand with her friends to fight.  Even if she's not the best at what she does (she's a little ditzy, lol, so she maybe doesn't hold her mace exactly the right way, or she doesn't always remember to use her totems), she still gives her all.  She believes in true love, but is afraid to go on that particular adventure just yet.
5. Reference:…
6. Preference: Drawing or MLP - HOWEVER, Please draw her in regular clothes, NOT battle armour.  You can change her hairstyle and stuff, but keep the features the same so that it's recognizable as Pebs :)  Thanks!!!
Pebcak by Elvishprincess25 Pebcak: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :icondestiny-kaspar:
1. Name of your character: Shana
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Hunter
4. Specific details: Has sort of an intense gaze. She's elusive and cunning. Often times she has a slight smirk on her expression. Some think she is uncaring, but is very accepting of almost anyone. She also loves her animal companions a lot.
5. Reference:…
6. Preference: Drawing (It would be nice if she had at least one of her hunter pets, but I suppose she doesn't have to. To simplify it she has a Dread Raven hatchling she keeps around)
Sneaky Shana for Destinykaspar by Elvishprincess25

Owner: :iconkrisseymage:
1. Name of your character: Marron Hawkwing
2. Race: Human
3. Class: Arms Warrior
4. Specific details: Thick black hair, always pulled back, dark skin, light brown eyes with a hint of gold color. Lover of the small things in life, such as ale, battle weapons and the occasional cigar. She's a warm person but doesn't always open up, likes to observe from a distance.
5. Reference:
Afternoon drink by KrisseyMage Marronheadsketch916 by KrisseyMage
6. Preference: Drawing or story :>
Marron Hawkwing for KrisseyMage by Elvishprincess25

Owner: :iconelvishprincess25:
1. Name of your character: Elvenfrost
2. Race: Night Elf
3. Class: Hunter
4. Specific details: She has tattoos and piercings listed in the references but you dont have to include them :D um, she has her Black striped saber, Link, as her main pet. She is pretty low-key, keeps to herself, isnt hateful and wont attack opposing faction unless they attack first, she will do almost anything to help anyone and she uphold morality above most other things. She loves nature and color. She has Purple hair that has tones of blue and pink in it as well (listed ref pic) and she has Opalescent eyes...silver/white looking with hints of every color in them, like an opal :D
5. Reference:…,
Elvenfrost Lineage by Elvishprincess25 Elvenfrost Normal Clothes cartoony by Elvishprincess25
Her backstory is here....if i can finish her personality info and what not ill Edit this ASAP!!!
6. Preference: Drawing pls :D
WoW - Easter Exchange - Elvishprincess25 by LadyGhostDuchess Elvenfrost by Stormweaver-Arts ElvenFrost: Warchick Easter 2015 by KrisseyMage

Owner: :iconamithyststone:
1. Name of your character: Elder Amiaji
2. Race: Troll
3. Class: Druid (Feral)
4. Specific details: She is old and blind. Most the time she wears a veil to cover it but she has many slashing scars running horizontally across the area on and around her eyes, she slashed them with a knife when she was grieving the death of both her children. Personality: Wise and Fierce. She lost both her biological children but she has adopted others, even some adults among them (she's so old they may as well be children to her),  and she often comes back to the village with gifts for them all. (Grandma's are made to spoil children after all :P )
5. Reference:
Elder Druid Amiaji by AmithystStone Screenie by AmithystStone
(for detail) Staff…
Gear… ((To clarify, the helm if drawn is same that's in the screenshot/drawing, not the wowhead link))
6. Preference: Drawing
Elder Amiaji Easter For AmithystStone by Elvishprincess25


:iconstormweaver-arts: - doing one for Elvishprincess25 - done :D
:iconworgengirl: - doing one for KrisseyMage
:iconladyghostduchess: - assigned to Elvishprincess25 - done :D
:iconstolen-dreamer: - doing one for each if time permits :D
:icondestiny-kaspar: - doing one for Worgengirl - done :D
:iconkrisseymage: - doing one for each if time permits :D
:iconelvishprincess25: - doing one for each if time permits :D  - done :dance:
:iconamithyststone: - doing one for Destiny-Kaspar

For your finished pieces, please submit them to the Art Challenges folder, and put the link in a comment :)

Get creative girls!
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Hey there! I'm a female WoW player! :) I have 8 85 toons on Bleeding Hollow-US if anyone is interested in playing there ( on either side ).

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